El Dorado County 2020 Mobile Home Park Survey

El Dorado Mobile Home Owners Coalition (EDMOC www.edmoc.org)


Name of Mobile Home Park:_____________________________________ Date:_____________

Address:___________________________________________ Sp#_______________Click this text to start editing. 

1. Type of Mobile Home (check one)

Owner–Occupied: _______Singlewide: ______ Doublewide:_____ Other:_____

2. In what year did you move into this mobile home park? ___________ What year was your home built?____________

3. What is your estimated monthly income? ________________________

4. Monthly Rent Charged for 2020 $_____________, in  2019 $__________,  2018 $_____________ , 2017 $__________ , 2016 $_____________

5. Do you have home/fire insurance on your mobile home? Yes _____No_____

If so what is the cost per year? ___________________

6. Billing method and AMOUNT for Resident’s Utilities and Services (Check appropriate column for each.)

Utility Description that Landlord Pays - No Additional Charge to Resident:

Utilities are Sub-Metered and Charged on Statement: $ 

If monthly rate is fixed and billed on rent statements, please indicate amount here $

Utilities are metered and billed directly by utility company  $

Propane:  $

Oil:  $

Electricity:  $

Cable:  $

Sewer:  $

Water:  $

Trash:  $

Ambulance:  $

Exterior Maintenance:  $

Other (please list):

Please PRINT  and mail completed copy to:

Tamara Janies, EDMOC President- 5840 Pony Express Trail, Space 15, Pollock Pines, CA 95726 (or e-mail to: [email protected])

Thank You for Your Assistance