We, who own our homes but chose live in manufactured/mobile home communities, are 

NOW UNDER ATTACK by out of town investor groups who will take our equity, our homes, and ultimately, our lifestyles away from us. We need YOUR HELP NOW!

For more information, email [email protected]

OR leave a message for callback: Kathy 530 303-3320

 We Need Your Help!

The most vulnerable citizens in our county are currently facing a rent crisis that could leave our seniors, Veterans, disabled, and low income families homeless. We are YOUR neighbors!

We're trapped in a monopoly. We own our homes but rent the plot of dirt they sit on.  If we are economically priced out of our space, we not only lose a place to live but could lose the equity in our homes.  Every $100 increase in space rent equates to a $10,000 loss in equity. This leaves our home's marketability seriously compromised.

We need fair,  reasonable rent increases, fair to the park owner and fair to the residents. Increases based on CPI (Consumer Price Index) and COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) meet that criteria.  There are over 60 mobile home parks in El Dorado County so this crisis affects a large number of residents. Mobile home parks were designed to be an affordable housing alternative, not a “cash cow” for our of town investment groups.